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Info-Electronics Systems India Pvt. Ltd. (IESI) is a subsidiary of Info-Electronics Systems Inc., Canada.

The company at India was established in 1994 with the objective of carrying out turnkey projects in the field of Environment technologies. IESI is an engineering, integration and project management services company. IESI develops end-to-end solutions in meteorology and hydrology and markets state-of-the-art equipment from its partner companies. Info-Electronics Systems Inc. (IES) has carved its mark in today's business world, from its beginnings which are more than two decades old. Pioneered by Dr. Harinder Ahluwalia, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Info-Electronics Systems Inc., the company has grown to encompass a robust, diligent and enthusiastic team dedicated to the company's goals and mission.

From its 1981 birthplace in Montreal Canada, IES today (headquartered in Montreal) has spread to include offices housed in New Delhi, India. As such, IES is positioned to provide assistance to its partners and customers from many locations, with the strength and added value of its international business intelligence.

IES prides itself in its

Very strong experience in the domain of its activities Relationship with its current & potential customers Relationship with its partners from Canada, USA & India Ability to attract and retain highly skilled professionals, most of whom have been with the company since its incorporation Strong R & D program to develop new products and new applications for existing products IES offers its business partners the "strategic alliances" and acts as their "protocol converters" giving them the opportunity to do business with India and letting it handle the "intricacies and nuances" involved in dealing with Indian Government and Business Organizations.


We focus on the following areas:

Meteorological Systems :

Automatic Weather Stations, Radio Remote Telemetry systems, Satellite based telemetry systems, Satellite data acquisition systems, Temperature, Humidity, and Liquid Water Radiometers, Weather Radars, Wind Profiling Radars, Lightening detection, Decision support systems and Now casting systems.

Hydrological Systems:

Flood monitoring stations, Automatic Water Level Recorders- bubbler gauge, shaft encoders, ultrasonic water level recorders, pressure sensors, Discharge measurement in Rivers, Irrigation canals, Streams & Weirs, Accurate Velocity measurement in flumes for laboratory applications, Flow meters, Water quality systems.

Oceanographic Systems :

expendable profiling products Ship borne XCTD, and Air borne XCTD/XBT, Acoustic Tide Gauges, Pressure sensor based Tide Gauges, Wave Recorders, Ship borne wave height recorders, Electric Winches, Electro hydraulic Winches, Underwater slided vehicles and sensors, Vertical multiple opening plankton sampler.

Seismological Systems:

Broad band Seismometers, accelerometers, Bore hold sensors, Automatic Seismic Data Recording Systems, Telemetry Systems, and Portable Seismic Recorders.



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