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Info-Electronics Systems India Pvt. Ltd. (IESI) has a vast amount of project experience in the national and international arena.  These projects deal with project management, software development, systems integration, customization, training, testing, and support in the fields of Meteorology, Hydrology, and Remote Sensing.  They include the development of systems for Reception and Processing of remotely sensed data for meteorology (a custom project similar to GOES), Meteorological Data Processing and Display Systems, Meteorological Data Collection Systems, Meteorological Data Distribution Systems, etc.


Indian Air Force

1. Supply of twenty (20) Microwave Radiometers

In partnership with Radiometrics Corporation (a world leader in the development, manufacturing and sale of ground-based microwave radiometers for atmospheric remote sensing and atmospheric profiling), IES is involved in the supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of a network of twenty (20) Microwave Radiometers, Host Computers, Laptops and Central Server and Display Computer for the Indian Air Force (IAF).  Radiometrics is supplying the instruments, while IES is providing computer and network hardware, software development, testing, installation, integration, training, acceptance, maintenance and support

Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment

1. Supply of Automatic Weather Stations (AWS)

This project involved the supply of twenty (20) Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) with communication through INSAT and ARGOS satellites for the Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment (SASE) in India. The sensors included those for Temperature, Relative Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Pressure, Albedometer, Net Radiometer, Snow Depth, Pyrgeometer, Precipitation Gauge, Soil Temperature, etc.

2. Supply of Snow Weather Monitoring System

This project comprises of 3 Snow Weather Monitoring Stations. The scope of the project included meteorological & snow sensors, data collection platform, VHF transmitter & data processing. After the success of this project IES was also awarded a repeat order and RRTS-IV project.

3. Supply of Remote Radio Telemetry System

Snow Avalanche & Study Establishment Chandigarh awarded this project to IES India. This project comprises of 3 Snow Weather Monitoring Stations. The scope of the project included meteorological & snow sensors, data collection platform, VHF transmitter & data processing. After the success of this project IES was also awarded a repeat order of RRTS-II&RRTS-IV project.


India Meteorological Department

1. India Meteorological Department-India, IMDPS Project

IMD (Indian Meteorological Department) through DGS&D has awarded the project to IES. This was a global tender. This is a high tech project for setting a data processing center for INSAT 2E, which was launched in April 1999. The project involves the development of a system called IMDPS to collect and process imagery data from INSAT-2E Satellite. IMD used this information for weather forecasting. The system includes Data Ingestion System (DIS), Front End Processing System (FEPS), Data Base Server and Graphics Processing System (DSGP) and interface with the Regional Telecommunications Hub (RTH). All systems are duplicated to provide redundancy.

2. Supply of SDUC Workstation

IMD (Indian Meteorological Department) through DGS&D has awarded a contract to IES India for supply of 10 SDUC workstations. These workstations are used for real time analysis of satellite imageries.  These are high-tech workstations and there are very few companies in the world who have capabilities to provide such functionalities as provided by IESI.

3. Supply of Automatic Weather Station

IESI supplied 15 AWS (Automatic Weather Stations) to India Meteorological Department, Pune. This was a global tender through DGS&D. It was awarded to IESI under competition from various large organization like – Electronic Corporation of India (ECIL) Govt. of India undertaking, GCEL (Govt. of Gujarat undertaking) etc.

4. Supply of Weather Information Distribution System

IESI has installed a weather information distribution system at two of the International Airports in India (Mumbai and Calcutta). These systems are used for dissemination of current weather information throughout the Air Traffic Control setup and this information is also passed to Pilots for their takeoff and landing procedures. IES is likely to install a few more such systems on other Airports in India. IESI has recently signed the Annual Maintenance Contract with this client for marinating the system for another year.

Central Water Commission

1. Supply of Flood Forecasting System

This is a turnkey project for supply, installation & commissioning of dam safety and flood forecasting systems in the Mahanadi & Chambal basins. This project was commissioned in the record time of 8 months. The Mahanadi and Chambal rivers in Eastern and Central India, respectively, often fold during the monsoon season. The Flood Monitoring and Forecasting System consists of supply and installation of fifty-five Remote Monitoring stations, measuring hydro-meteorological parameters such as water level, rainfall, temperature, humidity, evaporation, etc. along the banks of these two rivers. Information from these stations is beamed to satellite. Two satellite Reception Ground Stations have been installed in Jaipur and Burla for the reception of data and computer analysis. This data will enable the Central Water Commission of India to warn people, of possible floods, as well as provide valuable information to plan dams for agricultural irrigation. We have already signed a Maintenance Contract with the client for next three years (in addition to two years warranty).

2. Supply of River Discharge Measurement System

A high-tech system, “Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler” for the first time in India is being applied to river discharge measurement was supplied to the Central Water Commission by IES. Under this project, IES has been entrusted to supply, commission and Conduct Training for Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers for River Discharge Measurements. This contract was under the Hydrology Project funded by The World bank.

Municipal Corporation of greater Mumbai

1. Supply of Automatic Weather Station

In 2006, MCGM installed 30 Vantage pro2 Weather stations at all of its Fire Station to monitor the rainfall and other weather parameters under its disaster management plan. After the successful completion of the project, MCGM added 5 more Vantage pro2 Weather stations& a water level measurement station in 2008. After successful monitoring the weather parameters MCGM again added 25 Vantage pro2 Weather stations with IP based communication & collection of data at the central server in 2012.Now the complete system comprises of 60 AWS, 1 water level station and 2 servers.

Government of Andhra Pradesh

1. Supply of Cyclone Monitoring Station

Supply, Integration, Testing, Installation& Commissioning of 5 Cyclone Monitoring Stations in the Coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh for Wind & Storm Surge Modeling. Under this World Bank funded APCHMP Project, Delft has been awarded a contract for coastal zone management and developing wind models. After extensive evaluation, Delft Hydraulics entered into agreement with IES for Supply, Installation, Commissioning, and Testing at Sites.


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