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A few reasons to consider becoming a DAVIS WEATHER STATION Reseller

Advantages for you

  1. Very competitive end-user pricing
  2. High initial discounts make it financially interesting even for small Resellers
  3. The aggressive graduated discount structure ensures high returns for Resellers with high sales volumes
  4. An aggressive discount program for Government Organizations/Universities/Schools/Charities




DAVIS Automatic Weather Station monitors the following parameters:


For improved accuracy, temperature and humidity, sensors are housed inside a radiation shield. The shield protects against solar radiation and other sources of radiated and reflected heat.
These stations can be installed on a rooftop over a galvanized mast, or in the field or on a tripod depending on the application and site suitability.  The station can be used as a standalone system and can be connected to a computer for retrieving the meteorological data.
The AWS station Includes 100 feet (30 m) cable for transmitting data from integrated sensors suite to console. This can be extended to 100 feet (300 m) with optional extension cable.
The station can be powered with options like.

To become a reseller, contact Mr. Preet Ahluwalia with following details at preet@info-electronics.co.in


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